if you see jordan
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2003-02-18 02:38:03 (UTC)

PLEASE reply to this one

TODAHOOPS200 [9:28 PM]: lalala next time **** gets on you
ask him mkay!?
bLondEbeachbabE [9:28 PM]: i asked him..he said he wanted
to get to know u better cuz he feels he doesnt know ya
TODAHOOPS200 [9:29 PM]: you suck and you never told me!
bLondEbeachbabE [9:29 PM]: nah i asked like just a lil
while ago!

well piss my pants
and i'm wondering if he knows that i like him..nvm he doesnt
but AHHHHH!!!
okay well ne way this is what he said exactly
bLondEbeachbabE [9:35 PM]: n he said i really dont know
her well enuff but i would wanna get to know her

hmmm please tell me if this is just an excuse or the real
PLEASE reply ppl if you are reading this
is he interested or not
--so stressed