Epics of me
2003-02-18 02:25:50 (UTC)

life sux

hey yeah.... my life blows..... my parents just took me
aside and let me have it. apparently i dont do anything
around the house, (i.e. im a waste of space), i eat thier
food, and im a disrespectful piece of trash that theyre
sorry they ever brought home from the hospital. i hate my
life and now they want me out of the house. like i needed
this too. my entire life sux i feel like crap and my throat
still hurts from when i was coughing up blood. all i want
is to stop the hurting. and just be myself theyre mad cuz i
want to be me and i dont "fit in" to their design they had
for me since i was little. peircings tatoos and everything
i like doesnt fit into the mold so its "inherently evil".
well im rambling.... and boy i love the song "my december".