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2003-02-18 02:20:19 (UTC)

February 17, 2003

Today was a snow day. Not really a snow day though, more
like an ice day! Those are the best cause then ya get to
ride your 4-wheelers and slide around all over the place!
Anyways, thats pretty much how my day went. I rode 4-
wheelers a lot! It looks like that is what i'm gonna be
doing again tommorow since we dont have school again. I'm
beginning to wonder if I am ever going to graduate!
Besides that I realized today that no matter how hard I
try, I'm never going to be able to make you realize...For
all you people that THINK you "love" something, think long
and hard about it before you give your heart to it.
Chances are that that person will take your heart and smash
it into a million little piece. And if you are one of
those people who truely "loves" that person, then you will
be dumb enough to keep going back to them time after time!
Well a word of advice, the only Person you need to give
your heart to is God because no other human on this screwed
up earth will never care about you. But other than that,
today was wonderful! I watched "A Walk To Remember" 3
times today..I must say I cried the first time..but now
looking back at it I realize that that is just a stupid
movie and nothing in reality works like that, so pretty
much I lost all respect for that movie, along with any
other "romance." But thats enough of my
complaining...maybe I will be in a better mood tommorow
since imma get to see Kristin. I write again tommorow.
Later kiddos