The Sexy Blonde
2001-09-26 04:51:43 (UTC)

Tuesday 9-25-01

Readers, for those of you who follow in reading my entries,
I thank you. I noticed that most people who write about sex
are more attractive to readers because they are by
themselves and reading sexual feelings of others.
Kind of weird but anyways.

Well today was real fucked up, excuse my language but
damn. My 5th period teacher Mr. Butchee, decided to choke a
14 year old black girl against the wall an cuss at her in
her face. Then she started swinging back. I am not sure
what started it all, but he went with the cops and went to

Well today I had an okay, day I was real upset almost
the whole day. Well guess what, I went to my first group
session today, it is a group " an anger management class"
to control and learn about our anger, there are 3 boys and
me and the physcologist(mispelled) (the time is midnight)
are the only girls.

I just talked to my boyfriend and hour ago, we talked
about his day at college and my day at school. I had to let
him go because he was falling asleep on the phone. He must
be real tired from all this work. Well I got to go.

-Jessica to late to keep typing!
goodnight(or good morning/afternoon) to you folks!