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2003-02-18 01:36:05 (UTC)

Me so sleepy...

doing homework... as usual. today was such a weird day,
and last night was a weird night. last night, i was
talking to mack, and then we somehow arranged that ben,
blaine, and jack would come by my house because they were
on north island. so they come by at about 9, and all we do
is just walk around and talk about landmines. that was
funny. and then i get home at about 10 or so, and my mom
and her friend and erik are all in the living room talking
about how guys danced at the club in the 80's. and my mom
and her friend are up showing erik a demonstration of how
the guys danced. it was hilarious to walk in on that. then
my mom went to bed and we talked about homosexuality with
my mom's friend until about midnight. and erik got so
defensive, and he was really arguing about it. then i went
on the computer until 4:30 in the morning just talking. i
don't know why i did that. i was on kazaa for practically
the whole night downloading the weirdest crap.

and i made a very surprising conclusion about myself last
night. i'm disappointed in me. and i can't believe i never
saw it coming.

well today, i was sound asleep at about 10:45 am, and then
alana called, and we decided to meet at starbucks to study
for tomorrow. and so i got up and took a shower and then
left. and we studied and talked about pointless stuff, and
tried to figure out our math homework, (meanwhile, i was
falling asleep.) and then i came home, and my mom's friend
wanted me to go bike riding with her, and i was soooooo
tired. but i went anyway. then i came home and fell
asleep, and had a very strange dream that i'd rather not
recount, and i ate some dinner, and here i am now, doing
some more homework =/. life is so BLEH right now. i'm
tired and i'm sad =(, but besides all ths stuff, life is
grand. :) :) :) :D