I Am The Jack Of Diamonds
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2001-09-26 04:22:33 (UTC)

Another Weak Performance

Armed with more knowledge and confidence in the game of
Hearts than ever before, I began playing tonight hoping for
drastic improvement.

I played five games tonight and only won one game.

The sad thing is, that IS an improvement for me.

The worst part about the win was that i did not even
deserve it. I had already gained 32 points in a game to 50
when i was dealt the best hand ever. I had all the Hearts
from 10 - Ace, and plenty of other high cards in other
suits. I shot the moon, gave everyone 26 points, and barely

At one point tonight, my rating was an embarrassing 1430.
My statistics did not signifigantly improve, but at least
they didn't fall either:

rating: 1442
9 wins (16%)
46 losses (84%)

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