if you see jordan
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2003-02-18 01:02:53 (UTC)


i am soooo bored!!
i've been stuck inside doing all of..hmmm let me
god its boring when you have 22 imches of snow on the
ground. i mean its not like i can even go sledding because
i cant even lift my leg when i walk out there. so even if
i did get up the hill, i would make a nig mound of snow on
the way down, like my own little tunnel system!

and then my parents stayed home and worked from there
today, never a good thing. i mean my mom is like get up
stef, get up getup, while i'm on the couch, now take note
it is all of 9:30 in the morning. i'm like its 9:30!!!
shes like you have hw..but does she still not realize the
point that is 9:30!!!

so ne way i went up to my room and closed my door, watched
friends reruns and leagally blonde, went down to lunch,
saying that i'm almost done my hw(dead lie), then back
upstairs for a lil 'jawbreakers' and 'shes all that'. but
it wasnt that bad. the only thing was that i couldnt get
on the puter!!!! :P

but i had a message today for my journal!!! i was so
excited. it wasnt long or ne thing, but it was from one of
my friends!! haha well ne ways i'm out
--wow i didnt write that much today!