16 years old and lost in life?
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2001-02-25 01:14:56 (UTC)

~*~Hey~*~ ok todya is..

ok todya is SATURDAY!!!! and ummm.... wow i had a GREAT
DAY!!!! My friend TONY who i have been writing about well i
got to see him today!!!! i was sooooooo happy to see
him..... i was gone out of town the first time that i would
have been able to see him while i wasnt there he had this
really ugly helmet he had to wear to protect his head from
getting hit....... well when i got back he was gone he was
out buying a new helmet..... he walked back in with the new
one on it looked soooo DAMN good on him!! he had surgery
and the scar doesnt even look that bad anymore....u dont
understand how much the kid means to me from my other
writings today when i saw him i almost started to cry to
hear his voice again when i never thought i would hear it
again knowing that ummm i can go back to happy joes with
him and win another ice cream after spending $15.00 on it
that was tonz of fun rufus !!!! i just cant believe that he
is ok....but alll ic an say is he better take it easy for
awhile he is already walking around like he wants to play
football......he better not do that , that wouldnt be a
good idea!!...... love tony please pray for a full recovery
if you knew this kid you would be wanting the same things i
would really appreciate it if you would do that for me!

Well 1 more thing i have ot say is Kt from AZ please write
me back......and keep me updated........
o yea one more thing kt a grl pissed me off really badly
today so i thought of you and thought what you prolly would
have told me so i wouldnt flip out on her i swear to god i
wanted to kill her but no BIG deal i guess...but i gotz to
go byebye