2001-09-26 03:58:03 (UTC)

Getting up

I am a 23 year old lady, who is trying to get into shape.
My family are all over weight, and some people feel that
that is one reason why it is hard for me to loss and keep
off the weight I have gained over the years. I was always
skinny ( size 2 to 6) until I turned 20. Now I am a size 9
to 10..depending on the pants,which most people (especially
my know how that is) says is fine. But I know that
it is not. I do not feel that I am what I want to be, and
I am big on bottom. I was a size 12 pants about 4 months
ago, which I am happy that I did accomplish. But now I want
to keep going. I am cheating ( as most people will call it)
I am on exenadrine which I take twice a day, and it has
helped me plenty. Now I know that I have to start
exercising in order to get to at lease a size 6 - 7. My
problem is that I want to get up in the morning before
work, because I know that I am unable to do it once I get
home from a long day at work. As most of the people I
know, I set that alam at night to get up a hour earlier,
and once that alarm goes off I get up at lease 2 times to
push it back more until I have no time to do it at all.
Is there a way or trick that I could do to get my
self up and out to do at lease a tape? I am a smoker, and
yes I know I need to quit that...but I heard that you gain
weight back from that. And I did start to cut back on my
calories.. So my question to all is... how can I get myself
motivated to get up and do what I have to do.. I am so
happy that I am able to talk to others about this. Please
get back to me if you can.