Yet Another Average Diary
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2003-02-18 00:33:55 (UTC)


Yeah. My mom's an ass. She won't let me spend the night at
my dad's house tomorrow. I mean, what the hell? It's my
dad. She's depriving me of my own flesh and blood. Ack, I'm
just going to call him and have me pick me up.

Oh, and she probably won't let me hang out with my friend.
Hellooo.. I mean, he's my friend. I told her he was 15 (and
she can't say no to that because my sister's boyfriend is
15 and lets her hang out with him), but he's really 16. But
is that really a big difference? She prolly thinks he's
gonna rape me or something. LMAO Yeah. Anyhow.. I'm just
gonna call my dad and have him pick me up and I'll walk to
Pat's house from there. He lives near my dad, that's why.

Anyhowwwwww........... Nate doesn't like me. Heh, like I
didn't know that already. I'm gonna stop with the false
name crap. That got annoying.

ERUHM.. Okay, yeah, eruhm.. New word ^.o; I'm gonna try and
keep my diary journal post thingy entries more.. POSITIVE.
lol And yeah. I'm bored. No one's talking to me. I feel
like shit. Stupid, fucking hormones.

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