Alexander Dickson

Silent Hill: Town of Unforgetable Memori
2003-02-18 00:19:52 (UTC)

Gimme a frickin' topic name

I very much beliebe this is the foirst entry made whilst
drunk in over 100 pages so hurray for that. Was at Glow
tonight and after amiserable 4 (or maybe 5 pints) I'm p
[issed. God I'm sure Christine couy;dk take more drink and
walk away from it better than I have. Maybe its cos im
tired. I did fo a fair wack of DSPE before I went out.
Fudge knows how much Kcals I lost. DSPE lies anyway, it
exaggerates and stuff. Stupid thing. And I fancy blokes too
much when I'm, drunk. Fuck, I fancy too many blokes period!
I should, like, get over it and stuff. I mean, there's
being faggy then there's fucking desperate. although I
always fancy the hotties and I wish I was hot too but NO, I
have to be crap and stuff. Oh well, at least I'm smart.
Smarter than the fuckwits I hang about with!
hahhhahahahahahahah I'm brilliant! and stuff.
yeah. ...whatever.

Till next time space kittens!!!! :) ;) etc etc