Visions Of Life
2001-09-26 03:39:57 (UTC)

Falling Falling Falling..

Eek!!Wee I am doing better for the most part...

Okay, check out my stupidity.. It is now time to laugh at
me.. lol.. lord knows I was laughing.. well.. once I wasnt
in pain.. lol

Okay, I have this horrible habit of falling down the
stairs.. lol.. partly cuz I never wear shoes and our carpet
is slippery and parttly cuz I am always running up and down
the stairs.Well, I was rushing out the door and wearing a
long skirt..We have electronic baby gates at the top and
bottom of the stairs. Usually when I am home alone I leave
them unlatched because they are a pain in my ass... Well..
for some reason it was latched funny.. top was unlatched
and bottom latched.. So, I come bounding down the stairs,
trip on the landing and fall down the rest of the stairs
into the baby gate, but because of how it was latched, it
didntsupport me but didnt open right away so I slam into
this gate, fall forward, then it opens, throwing me to the
ground. I kind of fucked the gate up.. lol.. oops.. and
that concludes my tale.. lol you may now laugh...