Electric monkey
2001-09-26 03:39:05 (UTC)

9-25-01 [Panda in a Bin]

well, although i didnt get my homework done tonight, i got
lots accomplished! and now im happy to say that things are
looking a lot brighter, for both myself and GraZam.
just to let eveyone in on a little secret, talking with
only using a metaphor is a great way to talk about things,
when you're not exactly wanting to be too serious... yeah.
helps tremendously. and its has solved many unclear
so anyway.. my day was alright, school wise.
filmed a commercial for english, which was fun. i
bought "drugs" [drugs being seeds to grow a clone] off of
paco. but we were outside [morning], so it was kinda
chilly. and then... thats basically all i did today in
school. The Gothic is getting STAFF shirts this year. they
are funny. because the staff is all girls with just one guy
we're getting pink shirts... we are going to wear them to
this banquet thing at Franklin College. that only the
special people get to go to. =P
i got chosen to be on the National Honor Society. so i
filled out the activities thing, and im going to get MRs
Due to sign it and MRs Berzins. my 2 favorite teachers. and
sponsers of art club [which ive been in for 4 years] and
yearbook for 2. yep. maybe i have a chance at getting in.
i listed a bunch of activites... which all are journalism
related. haha... cept for environmental club and art club...
enough about school.
I dont feel too down now. mainly because ive managed to get
graham [grazam!] to feel lots better, which in return makes
me feel good. i love to hear him laugh. [thats right
graham, i know you're reading this. :P ] we are oh so good
friends. hehehhe. which, may or may not turn into something
more, again in the near to later future. [how ever long it
takes the creator to decide whether the panda sitting on
the log is worth fixing, graham. =) ]
makes me giggle... and smile and frolic, which is nice,
after a few days of saddness and anti-social-ness. =|
i think im going to get to be early tonight. although its
almost too late for that... i want to write graham back
too.... and do a sketch of a stained glass design...
ahhhhh.. ok too much to do in like 5 minutes. i best be off!
-Love you,