Mind numbing thoughts...
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2003-02-17 23:07:03 (UTC)

Friends and pain....

Oh my god!! my life is sooooo screwed up rite now!
First ive got my parents on my case about school and not
screwing my life up then an exfriend has gone and completely ruined
my best friends chances at a coop which would have been great for her
career. So now i am never speaking to her again. Plus i finally find
a guy that is really nice and likes me too but his life is so screwed
up too that he doesn't want to bring a realtionship into the mess.
Why can't i just have a happy normal life, where i can go out and
have fun every weekend and have peace between my friends and in my
family. Oh and did i mention that i'm pretty sure my parents don't
like my friends so add that into another chaotic frenzy. Plus ive
been thinking a lot about my life and came to the conclusion that it
returns in cycles but the next time around is even worse! :| I can't
believe all that is happening rite now. I'm soo tired and really
bored so i'm going to go and cool off.

~Il endommage pour voir l'une que vous aimez dans la si beaucoup de