Fishnet Goddess

Rainbows, Ice-a-ma-cream, and Lemonade
2003-02-17 23:06:51 (UTC)

I'm Getting A New Car

I BOUGHT A 1974 BLUE VW BUS!!!!!!! I get to pick it up
this weekend! I'm so excited. It was only $1675, and it
runs perfectly! It was probably so cheap because the
interior is very, um...old. But I was planning on revamping
it all in my own style anyway. We're going to take it to
the 420 festival in Humboldt when the time comes.
Not only did I get a new bus, but Ryan got a new Jeep
(a Wrangler, the kind that actually look like Jeeps). I
can't say it's my favorite car (duh, a bus is), but it's
his dream car. So we both got our dream cars.
This girl named Sarah wrote to me on Emode Match, and
I decided to meet her just for fun. New friends are always
nice. She's a 17 year old punk chick who goes to a private
Christian school. Too bad her school uniform is pants :o)
Just kidding. She was nice, we'll probably hang out between
work & school on Thursdays, because I have an odd amount of
time to kill those days.
I beat that level on The Sims where I had to move out
with Bingo, and I beat the next level, 'scoring' with a
party guest (and moving out and getting married). Now I'm
kind of stuck in the next level, with 2 kids to take care
of, and myself and my husband to control. I still like the
game, so yay!
For V-Day this year, Ryan went all out and did a 10 days of
Valentine's Day, giving me a gift each day until V-Day. He's so
sweet. Then he took me out to Ichibiri's, yummy! I LOVE RYAN!!!
Okay that's all, bye!

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