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2003-02-17 22:09:40 (UTC)


on saturday i went to temple......i had a good time!!!!!!!
i went with bridget chrissy ashley and sara.....we went
there..bu twe go there too early!! so we walked around and
we went to clairs..and we almost got kicked were too loud..then we were walking
and we looked in the window at and we say cool
socks and an umbrealla...and we went in a bought socks and
a hello kittie and we were walking
under it and yelling omg its raining..and we were making
rain noises and yelling cats and it was so
funny..and then we still had some time to spare so we were
sitting making funny noises and was so much
fun then we went in and listened to some of the first band
but they werent all that good....and we were hungry so we
went to buger king and we were sitting there and someone
went to the bathroom and it smelled really really bad..and
bridget kept yelling holy shit it smells liek fucking piss
and she was really loud and so was everyone was
so funny and they lady only yelled at me cause i was the
one with the big we went back to
temple that was where bridget met gabriel...he was really
nice and he helped her make the straw bigger cause we were
too short and he was tall!!!!!then we stayed there for a
little while...then we went out side and froze our ass
off......and then we were going to go back in temple but we
decided to stand out side by the door and that was were we
met aj he was also really really
kristens(ashleys cuzin)dad came to pick us up and drove us
home and bridget stayed with me for a while and i went on
line and talked to my baby and told him all abotu temple
and some details that i wont add in here.........and he was
mad at me and i almost thought he was going to leave
me......and everyone wanted him to but he forgave me cause
that si how strong our love is...and now i am supposed to
go see him on wensday!!!! i cant wait.......yesterday i
didnt do musch except for cry cause i didnt want him to
leave me..and today it snowed like crazy and it is still
snowing and me and bridget fell in the snow a million times
and we tried to make a snow angel in her back yard and the
snow was soooooo deep we just fell right through the was funny...i have to go bye bye

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