insane inside 2
2003-02-17 22:00:42 (UTC)

the crazyness with in

the pain of a bad mistake that could forever distory a
perfect thing is still eating away at my heart thoughts of
the depression that is soon to come and will never go away
flow rapidly threw my wasted mind, the tears iv cryed all
threw the day are now running short,and wishes of us & what
we were once befor go threw my mind all night
knowing there is no point to go sleep and waking up tp the
fact i wont be able to see you,the lonlyness that is runnin
threw my veins sends poisones blood to my cold blacked
heart that was once full of love but now full of hate makes
me want to die,intil the day that my love returns a smile
will never show a laugh will never be hurd intill the day
my love returns all i can do is weep and moan!