Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2001-09-26 02:40:22 (UTC)

A look at who I am...

Hmm, well, I am not exactly sure what to write here, but I
think I
shall start by introducing myself....

I almost never tell anyone my age, I let most guess, I don't
nor I do answer the question, mystery is so much fun, but if
to know, I like to play a little game, which if you want to
play, you
can let me know. I currently exist within the confines of a
little city in the province of manitoba. yearning for day
when I may
leave and seek out new places and new frontiers, to boldly....
sorry, got carried away...

I am currently in University, I'm in my 2nd year,
(technically my
third) after taking a break from school for a few short
years, still
don't know what I want to do. But right now I am taking
Film Studies, Anthropology, Philosophy and Psychology,
although I have been sneaking into Ancient History classes. I
had thought that I might go into Business Admin, but I have
recently been turned onto Forensic Psychology, although I
always liked Archaeology and being a major film fanatic I was
thinking of going to York U or perhaps Sheridan Col and takling
thier Film Stusies programs.

I would like to think of myself as...hmmm, rather funny,
eclectic, brooding at times, bluntly honest to the point of
obnoxiousness, a bit of an oddball... I don't quite fit in
with a lot of
people, I tend to be either the life of the party, or the
lump of flesh
in the corner talking into the glass of vodka & pepsi with a
lime twist..... I don't have any good pix of me, although I
tend to be
camera shy anyhow, a friend of mine has a website, I figure if
you like that, you would like my friends... If you get offended
easily, don't talk to me, I can at times play the devils
advocate too
often, and tend to offend even those who are normally un-
offendible, heck, sometimes, I offend myself... I like
change, even
when it hurts... Loyalty and honesty are very important to me,
white lies are forgivable, but I tend to dislike people who
they may have a problem with me , skulk about without actually
telling me, heaven forbid anyone should actually solve a
problem, but whatever... I have a carefree attitude about a
lot of
things, I am not judgmental, well, maybe a little, but I
have never
condemned anyone about anything, I am rather opinionated, and
at times the biggest pessimist in the room or the loudest
optimist in the corner... My personality is a multi-faceted
with dark, light and hazy tinges to it....

I have no one, special, i do seek someone tho, be it friend or
more, nothing ventured is ever gained...

I have 2 children, both aged 8... Maus & Inky, they are
house cats,
Maus the grey furball is the Anti-social one, and Inky the
black fur
machine (re-named Bast by a wiccan friend of mine) is the "pet
me now or I will wake you up at 4am the day of your exam"...

Lux et umbra vicissim, sed semper amor....