Contemplating Matters Of The Soul
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2001-09-26 02:36:52 (UTC)


I asked you how you felt
And you told me the truth
I never knew it would feel like this
My heart is gone
And I don’t know if it will ever return
We are still friends
But we will never be the same again
We can’t take back the things we said
You still love her and it tears me up inside
I want to cry but something is hold back the tears
I don’t want you to see me cry
But you know that I am
You know that you hurt me
But you told the truth
I say that all I want is your friendship
And that it means more to me than anything
You could ever give me
Btu what I really want is what she holds
Your heart, your love
Before my heart left
It was torn apart
You ripped me open and killed me
My heart is gone
My soul is lost
My mind is confused
What am I going to do with out my love?
I will try to go on
I will try to love another
But deep down inside of me I know
I will have a piece of you
I don’t want to feel like this
It hurts too much, I can’t take the pain
Of thinking of you with her
I just wish I knew what I could do
To stop the pain, to find my heart
I know I will love another
But I will always love you
I will always be your friend,
For as long as you want me
I will always be there for you
You can come to me for anything
Even if it’s about her
I will listen, I will care
I will be the wind at your back
And the sun in your face
I will be a friend