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2001-09-26 02:32:56 (UTC)

boys boys boys......

i have just seemed that i want to realize and and state
that guys are a pain. now i do give guys the benefit of
the doubt and know that girls are the same way. yet it
doesn't seem that girls play boys as much as boys play
girls....ok heres the latest thing in my oh so interesting
life....hehe anyways i have done the whole internet meeting
thing off the net and it hasn't turned out to be so bad. i
choose my people well off the net that i meet. i met a pre-
law student going to washington university. he is a really
sweet guy and i am getting excited about this
weekend...seeing him that is and my highschool is having
their homecoming saturday the 29th of september..i am going
with my best friend since its our last homecoming and its
her first...the reason y its her first is another entry for
another day. well..i think i am going now and i will enter
some more in later...
stay tuned please