Watch me lose it...
2003-02-17 20:40:35 (UTC)


Listening to : N/A

And all of a sudden out of nowwhere I'm messing with dream
piano and it comes to me. A riff I heard in a dream...and
I've played it before...and I'm playing it I
hear a string section in the background...a kind of choir
string I'm laying messing around with synth
choirs..and all of a sudden its there...perfectly..then I
hear the drum...slow...very very heavy rock drum..cymbal
crashes....and a piano riff..and then the feedback and the
sound of the guitar breaking in..deep...clean but distorted
and firm..and 50,000 hands in the air as the lights flash
as the song sells 50 million copies...everybody there knows
the words...
So I'm running next door and playing the guitar
section...its just two chords..but its incredible. Running
back and forth down the hall way i cant believe what i've
stumbled on...and I'm singing the string section...and then
i start I do..only its
beautiful and etherial...I've found it so hard to write
lyrics for weeks..and all of a sudden in the space of 45
seconds I've written two verses that go so incredibly with
the music...

Let the world See
Let my heart bleed
Let the world know
Let my tears flow
Let her move on
Let me be strong
Stength to carry on
Now that shes gone

Try to forget
I'm not ready yet
Let me be alone
Freezing to the bone
Say what I did wrong
Tell me it wont be long
Say that I'll be strong
Now that shes gone

Its not needs bass and laying down
properly..which means alot of work..but I'm so afraid to
leave it..even to come on here to share this sudden moment
of joy and revelation. I dont want to loose this moment
because I hear it all so clearly in my head...every bit..I
can see it as well as hear it...this hasnt happened to me
for a very very long time..if it happened more regularly
I'd be a musician by trade..but it only comes once every
year if I'm lucky....I feel though wednesday is when I'll
write it..if i get a chance..I just hope I still have it in
me then. Its like electricity when you hear it and its
perfect..its come from your mind and now you hear it
back..its the most incredible thing in the world..that
you've got it out of you into the world...its like its been
stuck in you kind of...irritating you..and now its free.
Please..I hope I write this one good.

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