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2003-02-17 19:14:41 (UTC)

Rousseau rough and link to final-- 2/13/2003

The final version of my Rousseau "article" for history can
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*fake newspaper article*

Rousseau Dies
By Alice Warner
Ermenonville, France 2 July? The famous and infamous member
of the philosophe, died 3 days ago, 2 July. Jean-Jacques
Rousseau was well known for his influence on the thinking
minds of the people of France from his Discourses, La
Nouvelle Héloïse, the Contrat social, Émile, and will soon
be knownn for his confessions, as they will be soon
published in their entirety. Monsieur Rousseau did not wish
to be alive when they were published in their entirety as he
believed this would not be good for his well being. In 1771,
Rousseau gave readings from the book, and after being
reported to the police by Madame d?Épinay, he was kindly
asked to refrain from giving any more readings. Few will
rejoice over Monsieur Rousseau?s death, although some will
surely not be grieving. Rousseau brought life and
discussions into the salons as few others ever could. By
writing things so controversial to get such recognition, he
was equally loved by some as hated by others.
Rousseau was born poor, but a citizen of Geneva. Citizen was
an important status, especially for a poor family, because
only 1600 of 20000 ersidents were citizens. A somewhat
lesser known fact about Rousseau?s life was his masochism.
Rousseau lost his somewhat bold masochistic streak in his
twenties. An excerpt from the confessions that this writer
has been privy to hearing described in great detail his
activities of displaying his buttocks to young women in the
hopes that they would whip him. When he moved in with Maman,
Madame de Warens, he was a young man, but he found himself
attracted to her. His passions for her later cooled, but for
a long stretch of his life he was mainly attracted to older
His life partner, ?housekeeper?, but never legally married
wife, Thérèse Levasseur, was also born and raised poor. His
stance on commitment to her was that he would never abandon
or marry her. They began living together in 1746, and were
together until the last moment. They were faithful almost
completely to each other for 32 years, a rarity in France,
regardless of marital status, especially in Paris where they
spent most of their time.
In spring of this year, Rousseau wished for an excuse for an
extended stay in the country. Le Marquis René de Girardin
invited Rousseau and Thérèse to spend time at a cottage near
his chateau at Ermenonville, thirty miles from Paris.
Monsieur Jean Jacques Rousseau and Thérèse went on May 20.
He gathered botanical specimens to teach botany to the
Marquis? ten year old son. On the first of July, he is said
to have dined heartily before an apoplectic stroke the next
morning, and as Thérèse lifted him to the bed he fell and
hit his head in such a way to make it start bleeding. When
the Marquis made it to the room, Rousseau had already died
in Thérèse?s arms. Yesterday, he was buried on the Isle of
Poplars in a small lake on the Girardin estate.