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2003-02-17 19:11:08 (UTC)

Diabetes, Part 1 1/26/2003

The Physio Project.


Upon being asked, most people would likely say that the
types of diabetes are Type I and Type II. It is not
altogether correct, however. Type I and Type II diabetes are
the two major subgroups of Diabetes mellitus, but there is
another diabetes disease?Diabetes insipidus. I will briefly
cover Diabetes insipidus before going on to cover diabetes

According to the text book, Diabetes Insipidus is a
metabolic disorder, not involving blood sugar, characterized
by a large output of dilute urine and caused by the
posterior pituitary?s decreased secretion of anti diuretic
hormone. (ADH)

An important thing to note is that Diabetes Insipidus is a
rare metabolic disease that is not related to Diabetes Mellitus.

ADH, Anti-diuretic Hormone, or arginine vasopressin, AVP.
AVP is commonly called an ADH because it increases water
retention by the kidneys. It is produced in the hypothalamus.

An individual with diabetes insipidus may produce as much as
25-30 liters of very dilute urine a day. That is about 15
large soda bottles worth. Solute concentrations in body
fluids rise.