The Monotony of it All
2001-09-26 01:42:13 (UTC)

New Day.........New Disappointment

Well, today was the day....I find out yesterday that i've
been approved for this car loan....i figure i'm finally
gonna get a chance to get out of the rut i've been in...a
car means i can get a better job than the shit one i'm at i wait all day for this chick to call me
back...meanwhile i've pretty much picked out my car and
started searching for insurance i wait all day
and almost all night for her to call me......then at 8:15pm
i get a call on my cell phone......this bitch called me on
my CELL PHONE just to tell me that i didn't meet with the
terms of the loan and that she couldn't help me.....WHY?
because i had a 7 month lapse of employment due to the
facts that i tried to go back to school, wound up in a
mental hospital for 2 weeks last halloween, and then wound
up with an asshole boyfriend who wanted me to stay home and
play house all day and do nothing else....i mean come
on.....does the fact that i now make enough money to pay 2
car payments per month, plus insurance, plus gas, plus my
other bills mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING?!?!?!??!?!
anyway....i was with paul when i find this out....i guess
now i can afford to buy him new glasses next
least someone can get what they need....anyway...i leave
paul's house - i had to beg mommy and daddy to let me use
the car how pathetic is that? - and i'm crying the whole
way home....i realize that i haven't had anything to eat
since 9am and i'm kinda hungry so i decide to stop at KFC
cuz for some strage reason i was craving one of their pot i pull up to the speaker and guess what? THEY'RE
OUTTA POT PIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....go figure......