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2003-02-17 19:06:19 (UTC)

Religious-Zeus-Idealistic Communism 1/21/2003

Greek gods were more human than most- they had human
qualities, anger, jealousy, greed. They were not the perfect
god of Christianity, the God that can do no wrong, that can
forgive everyone, that can be cruel but it is okay if he is
cruel-- he is God. Zeus had troubles. He liked women... of
course if someone like him existed in society today he would
be in jail. SO.. Zeus kills his father, rapes his sister,
marries his sister, sleeps with all the other women, has
tons of illegitimate children... and was a god. A GOD! A
GOD! yes, he was a god. He was one of the first gods created
in the image of man. [ And yes, I am of the mind that the
gods were created by man. But this is not the time to
explain my religious beliefs. ]

Zeus was not just A God, Zeus was the king of the gods, the
God of Gods... with these kinds of fallacies in his person,
these kind of moral problems. If this God of Gods cannot
deign to be perfect, why must humanity now be perfect? Why
must humanity be perfect? Why does the majority worship an
idealistic, perfect God? Think about it. Communism.
Wonderful idea, true equality... but it never will be. That
is where the idealists come in, the ones that believe in a
system of government that will never work. The idealists
that believe that someday we will acheive world peace. I do
not condemn these people, as I myself am one that hopes ad
prays every day that there will be world peace. I just do
not see it happening, and I am content enough with myself to
be able to step back and take a look at my own thoughts, my
own beliefs, and criticise them.

I'll stop for now... might come back to this subject later.