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2003-02-17 19:05:38 (UTC)

RE: Discourse--Meaning of life 1/20/2003

Quote the note left on the discourse:

you know the whole "doing homework" thing? yeah, that went well.

But in order for me or any animal to be alive, I have to
eat, which involves destroying life. That's a lot of plants
and animals over eighty years or so. If all life is equally
precious, shouldn't I starve myself?

and why do you think life is so precious?

(note: don't you dare get any ideas, and that's an order.)



::laughs:: I mean destroying life on a mass scale, not one
apple here or there. ;) Why do I think life is so precious?
OK, I pose this question... What is more important than life?

Stew on that one for awhile.



on a massive scale?" where do we draw the line? are you
saying all life is equally precious? then is it just as
acceptable to kill a human as a carrot? I still think that
by eating one places a higher value on one's own/human life.
i'm inclinded to agree with you that nothing is more
precious than life. but lots of people throughout history
have thought differently, and died for god, country,


princple or what have you. many more have destroyed life for
the same or other, often less high-minded reasons. it's not
such an unreasonable question.
yeah, again, i don't know what I think, I'm just asking
about you.