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2003-02-17 19:04:59 (UTC)

Discourse--meaning of life 1/20/2003

What is the point of life...

An interesting point being expressed in the conversation I
had with Norma,

Norma2Geo (5:16:35 PM): so the meaning of life is to protect

silkenlightning (5:16:53 PM): no, the meaning of life is 42. :-P

Norma2Geo (5:16:58 PM): yes, of course.

silkenlightning (5:17:00 PM): yes that is what i concluded

**42 is a Douglas Adams Hitchikers Guide reference. If you
don't know what I am talking about, I pity you**


The meaning of life is to protect life. How else would we
exist? This is not to protect humankind, not to protect the
species, but to protect life in all itself. The life
contained in a blade of grass, the life contained in a human
. It is all equally important and all equally needed. Life.
Algae. Trees. Rabbits. Birds. Bees. People. Everything on
this Earth is here for a purpose. We are the dominant
species on this Earth, but that won't necessarily be true
for long.

How many parents would give their life for their children?
How many throughout history have? Who can disagree with me
that the meaning of life is to protect life, to extend life,
to make more lives last at the end of one? Should an entire
species be allowed to be destroyed to make the lives of
another easier? Is it okay for us as humans to kill off an
entire species to suit our purposes? Is it worth it for
humans to value life at the exception of all others? Is it
alright for us as humans to survive and kill out ALL the
other species? What happens when we eliminate eveyrything
including the Earth itself over some little war? The meaning
of life is to preserve it. If we do not all work towards a
goal that will have all peoples of the human race coping
with each other and coping with the fact that we are not
alone on this Earth, and that we cannot make decisions that
impact the future of the human race without consulting all
humans, and we cannot make decisions for the earth without
considering the effect on animals and plants.

I might come back to add to this at another time.



you know the whole "doing homework" thing? yeah, that went well.
But in order for me or any animal to be alive, I have to
eat, which involves destroying life. That's a lot of plants
and animals over eighty years or so. If all life is equally
precious, shouldn't I starve myself?

and why do you think life is so precious?

(note: don't you dare get any ideas, and that's an order.)