Salem's Den Journal
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2003-02-17 19:04:01 (UTC)

Sonnet of a Girl 1/19/2003

I tried for iambic pentameter here folks, I think I missed


Beauty, She wears a dress of flowing tiers

yet she has no flowing tears for to dry

as the breezes blow calm they ease her fears

Of nights to come alone without a tie

and of angels singing gently amen

the sound of music lends its spirit too

the night of nights for her to come again

spirits trying, telling her it is due

her life's challenge up for auction-- life to

highest bidder--bidding for the harlot,

the lady of the night she wants it too

A life to call her own, a life of but

easy life a life to call her own not

life of slavery, life of imagination thought.


Ok... that took me longer than expected...I hope it came out ok.