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2003-02-17 19:03:34 (UTC)

Shallan's Gift Part 1 1/19/2003

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Shallan's Gift

It was an ordinary day. Lissa called the transport spell,
but it did not respond. She looked at the call-stone in
puzzlement. "Oh, no!" she cried out as she remembered.

It had been a day very much like this one. She had sat on
the hill overlooking the river, meditating when Char had
come up behind her.


"Lissa." He spoke with concern.

"What now, Char?" she queried, annoyed at the interruption.

"Do you ever think about the Shallan? I mean... why does she
have so much power over us?" Char actually sounded worried.

"Well," Lissa replied, "She works hard, keeping track of all
the spells and such we use."

"But why is it always her?" Char interrupted. He was
beginning to sound angry now. "She never asks any of the
council members for advice. I think someone should get rid
of her so that the council can do its job in peace and we
don't have to worry about always not making her the least
bit angry."

"Char, you are getting angry. You know I don't like to talk
to you when you're being like this. Why don't you go calm
down," Lissa said firmly.


"Lissa, Lissa!" Grandmother cried rushing into the room,
startling Lissa out of her reverie. "You're going to be late
for lessons!"

"Grandmother, is your call-stone working? I can't work the
transport spell." Lissa flipped the stone over in her hands
a few times, with a look of concentration on her face. She
looked up in horror. "Grandmother, none of the spells
encoded on mine are working!"

The aging woman pulled out a stone similar to the one that
Lissa was holding except that it was more worn. "It is
cold." Grandmother stated. "Something happened to Shallan,
I'm sure." Grandmother walked out of the room, with Lissa
trailing behind.