Salem's Den Journal
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2003-02-17 19:03:10 (UTC)

Random me update 1/19/2003

My mom basically told me I am not allowed to do math for the
next couple of days. I find this amusing... most of my
friends parents want them to do math. heheheh.

I am working on lots of stuff today, some of which I will
put here later. Group project for english, mythology. I am
writing a short story called Shallan's Gift-- I will post it
here in a minute, although it is not complete and still
needs editing. My dad is trying to teach me how to use my
camera (A canonet) Anyways, he gave a long speech about how
I need to learn how to focus, as my first roll was all
focused at a point farther away than I had intended-- so he
tries to focus it and finds out that the rangefinder is
messed up, so it wasn't my fault. Yech.

Back to the world of Greek Mythology... and Powerpoint slides.