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2003-02-17 19:00:27 (UTC)

RE: Discourse-Trust 1/17/2003

Apparently someone left a note on my essay asking if it is
what I really think... I do not know what I really think. In
any given passing moment, yes. This is not to say that I
will not change my mind. It is only to say that at the given
moment when I wrote this, and when I first uttered the
thought in my English class, that yes, that is what I
thought. My mind may be easliy swayed when I gain belief in
trust. Who knows... life goes on.

Oh.... mom- I changed my age on here! Happy now?!



sorry, that was me, i forgot to sign it.
but so many good things can happen when you trust people. it
can feel fantastic, and it and they can help you grow. i
tend to suffer more from what I don't do out of fear of
being hurt or hurting than what i actually do.

but man, being hurt sucks.