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2003-02-17 18:59:56 (UTC)

Discourse-Trust 1/16/2003

Needs sharpening...

It is innate in human nature to trust. What is trust? Trust
is the basis of faith. Trust is believing in someone or
something to the extent at which if your belief is wrong,
some risk may be imposed upon you. One man may be climbing a
mountain, and he may Trust his rope. If his belief is wrong,
he may fall to injury or death. One may also trust a person.
If that trust is misplaced, they could find themselves hurt
emotionally or physically. if you trust a friend and they
lie to break that trust with violence, you can be physically
hurt. The majority of rapes and murders are by someone the
victim knew- someone the victim trusted.

If one never trusts anyone, cane one be betrayed? What is
betrayal, but the breaking of a trust? When a CIA agent
sells secrets, betraying the country, how did he gain those
secrets in the first place? Trust. The trust of superiors
who are "in trust" (entrusted) of the country.

If one never trusts, one can never be betrayed. It is innate
in human nature to trust. Animals also instinctively trust
that which they have no reason not to. One would think that
humans as a race would have realized by now that trust is
hurtful. If you don't trust, you cannot be betrayed.

To give myself as an example, in all the world I trust but
one person. I do not give that person a whole lot of
information about me to be able to emotionally hurt me, by
betrayal, a breaking of this trust. He may betray me by
physically hurting me, because I trust in him not to hurt
me. Then again, if there is only one person in the world
that I fully trust-- would it be so bad to die from their
betrayal? If that one trust is betrayed, and trust is innate
in human nature, I would not have any trust, and no reason
for living, nothing tying me to life, as Caesar was after
his betrayal by his good friend, Brutus, sparking the
ever-so-famous "Et tu Brute" line. (Shakespeare)

One should never trust, as it sets one up for betrayal. If
you have never trusted, you will never be betrayed. If you
never trust, you will not know what you are missing. The one
I trust cannot betray my trust because the person does not
know I trust him to this level. To trust, and be betrayed,
is worse than to never have trusted at all. Trust is
necessary for betrayal. Do not allow yourself to be
betrayed-- it is not worth it.


is this what you really think?


well that's cheery


You're right in the fact that trust is an integral part of
being human. But trust is also an integral part of any
succesful relationship, as friends, as boyfriend/girlfriend,
etc. Yes, it opens you up to being hurt, but the risk is
worth it. Why did that climber risk climbing the mountain?
To reach the pinnacle.

-Jesse (d-b)