Salem's Den Journal
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2003-02-17 18:58:13 (UTC)

Sonnet of life... 1/16/2003

Ok, I don't think this came out as I originally intended,
but here goes:

What time is it that the life hath just passed

But time does not exist as such we know?

How have we come through life in caste

Without wondering why it is not a show?

Life is, in turn, portrayed by men a play

And no playwright knows why life passes by

The plays produced within each coming day

Help not to show the common people why.

The life, though it spins into reach, is gone

And death foreshadows claims to which we hold

That are not important aft no dawn

Life matters most, more than silver or gold

Life is not a play, or a greedy claim.

Life is peace,not war, let this be our claim.