Salem's Den Journal
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2003-02-17 18:56:26 (UTC)

One Day 12/21/2002

One Day

One Day

to an infant

is eternity.

Ten minutes is

a Long Time.

Five minutes for

Mother to shower

is full of crying,

needing, because she

is not there.

Every minute.

One Day

to a first grader

is long.

Ten minutes is long enough

for anything.

Anything lasting longer

lasts an eternity.

Five minutes to play

is fully acceptable

and enough.

Everything must be done


Yet they have an

easily comprehended standard

of Perfection.

One Day

to a teenager

is short.

Wasted by hours of

"Pointless" schooling

Working to get everything


10 min. is one


The teenager has forgotten to be a child

to notice a bird in a tree,

the sound of rain.

One Day

to an adult

is work.

Go to Work. Come home.

Pay Bills. Relax. Sleep.

10 minutes is a

luxury not taken.

The adult frowns

on the teenager who

appears to have more


One Day

to the grandparent

is long.

Ten minutes is

A Conversation.

The grandparent reminisces

that now they have time

they are too old to

do what they have been

waiting for time to do.

And they then realize how they have


their lives.

One Day

to the dying

is a gift.

Ten minutes is

time enought to say