Salem's Den Journal
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2003-02-17 18:54:05 (UTC)

Poem-Drinking tea 12/4/2002

I shiver in the cold air
slowly making my way

to the warm kitchen,

the warm haven of my house

and turn on the burner

under the kettle.

As the water heats,

slowly I warm my hands

over the stove.

I turn around and pull a mug from

the cupboard behind me.

I reach for a teabag, carefully discarding

the paper wrapper.

When the water is hot

I pour the bubbly steaming water

in the mug.

I carry the mug back upstairs


not spilling a drop.

And as I sit in my chair,

I warm my hands on the

hot steam rising.

But I do not taste.

I patiently wait for

it to steep.

When it has been long enough,

I cautiously sip

the hot potent brew.


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