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2003-02-17 18:52:17 (UTC)

Diariness 11/30/2002

YAY! guess what I'm doing... more hw. but this set is fun.

its not done yet... ill put up a finalized version later...
but here goes.

The Sources:

1. Camus, Albert (1948). The Plague New York: Vintage

2. Durant, Will (1953). The Renaissance New York: Simon and

3. Durant, Will (1957). The Reformation New York: Simon and

4. Wells, H.G. (1920). The Outline of History New York:
Garden City Books

A Note: Alice Fitzalan (daughter of the Lord Fitzalan of
Arundel and his wife Alisona DeSaluzza) was not alive in
1348?she married the Baron of Seagrave in 1314 and died in
February 1339/1340. I just decided to use the name by
picking a random name out of my genealogy. The Assignment:

the third of May in the Year of Our Lord 1348

I remember when I first married my husband. I was proud that
I was allowed to wed him, even for his controversial views.
He is one of the few men in town that believe in education
for women. He taught me to write, and we would spend hours
discussing philosophical ideas. But that time is past now.
The end of the world is here to take us all. Being a doctor,
my husband is working day and night to try to heal the sick
people. More and more are becoming ill each day. No one that
he has tended has lived for more than a week. So that I do
not get tired of being shut up in this house day after day,
he bought me a journal. I do not think he should have bought
something so expensive, but to honor the gift I will write.
If the end of the world is here, it will not matter if we
only have a small amount of money to our name when we die.
Dear Lord Almighty bless us and keep our family and loved
ones safe from harm.

Alice Fitzalan

The Fifth of May in the Year of our Lord 1348

My husband came home yesterday. They gave him a break so
that he will be able to keep working later. He brought me
news of the outside. He told me stories that were worse than
I believed could be true. He said that they pile the dead on
a great cart, and dump them in a trench that is dug by the
strongest men left. They just throw the bodies in it and do
not give prayers for the dead. These poor innocent people
will go to hell for not having the offices of the dead
recited. I hope that the Lord God Almighty will be just and
fair and merciless to the innocents, the infants, and the
hardworking laborers that have died. Lord please bless this
house and all that dwell within it and all they hold dear.
What have we done to warrant the end of the world?

Alice Fitzalan

The Sixth of May in the Year of our Lord 1348

My husband did not come home last night. He said this would
probably happen, because he is needed. He described to me
the symptoms of this strange illness. He said that they are
seeing two different illnesses. One is high fevers?the
people burn up inside and spit blood. The blood is messy,
but these people do not live long. Edward said the longest
he has seen one last is four days in that state. The other
kind also has fever, but also abscesses and carbuncles. When
he talks to me he talks as if I completely understand what
this means, but I do not. I pray that this will all be over
soon. If the end of the world is going to drag on in agony
for years I would rather die than live my remaining time in
such a place as this.

Alice Fitzalan

The Seventh of May this Year of Our Lord 1348

My husband did not come home again. He has told me not to
worry, that he is expecting to stay, so naturally I am
worried. Will they tell me if he gets sick? Will they send
someone? Or will they just bury him in a mass grave and
pretend that nothing happened? I pray that I hear from him
soon. Lord Almighty let my husband come home tonight. I need
his strength to see me through this terrible outbreak. I
love him and I need his guidance. Lord help me, the solitude
is unbearable here.

Alice Fitzalan

The Tenth of May this Year of Our Lord 1348

Thank You O Lord for granting me a visit from my husband. He
came home for two nights. We talked for a long time about
this illness. So many people are getting sick! Half the
population must be dead by now! I do not know what we can
possibly do to keep from getting sick. I just pray that when
we get sick, for there is no if now, that it is fast and not
too painful. Before Edward left again he told me that our
neighbors were dead. They had left behind seven young
children with no one to care for them. Today, I am going to
go against what Edward said about not leaving the house and
I am going to bring those children here.

Alice Fitzalan

The Eleventh of May this Year of Our Lord 1348

Edward did not come home last night. I brought the children
here. The oldest child is only nine years of age. The poor
children. They lost their parents and no one cared enough
even to feed them, or tell them their parents are not going
to come back. The children are adorable?I like children, but
I have not been able to conceive yet. Dear Lord if we make
it through this alive, please grant me a child! Bless this
house and let these children stay well. If these children
get sick it is my fault for leaving my house. Edward will be
upset with me for breaking his rules. I hope he does not
make me throw the children out into the street. There are
dead bodies in the streets and no one to carry them to be

Alice Fitzalan

The Twelfth of May this Year of Our Lord 1348

Edward still did not come home last night. I am beginning to
worry again. If he has heard that I went against his
decision and brought the children home will he come home? I
miss him. The children are adorable but are silent all the
time. Maybe it was a mistake to tell the little ones about
their parents? death. I will have to leave the house again
soon to get more food. Yet I do not know where to find food
when the world is ending. The Jewish man that lives in the
neighborhood was killed last night. The Jews are not
catching this horrible illness. Lord Almighty is this the
way you choose to show us that the Jewish religion is right?
There could be nicer ways, and I always believed in You as
just and compassionate.

Alice Fitzalan

The Thirteenth of May this Year of Our Lord 1348

Edward still has not come home. I am truly worried now, and
I want to se
The Thirteenth of May this Year of Our Lord 1348

Edward still has not come home. I am truly worried now, and
I want to see him. I care not if he is angry with me for the
children, I just want to see him.

~i will finish this later when i have more patience. love to