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2003-02-17 18:51:34 (UTC)

Rant 2 11/29/2002

Annoyingly, my dad thinks this history paper is bad and that
i should rewrite it... here's the original

Our lives would be significantly changed, had the Scientific
Revolution not happened. One such way is that we would not
have gone into space. We would not have put satellites into
orbit around the earth, we would not have made it to the
moon, because the Scientific Revolution was important to
this. The Scientific Revolution included the new
astronomical discoveries?that the earth rotated around the
sun and also chemical discoveries, that chemistry didn?t
have to just be as fantastic as alchemy. In the Scientific
Revolution, the elements were identified, and it was noticed
that the different stages of chemicals varied (gas liquid
solid) based on temperature. We would not have been able to
go through the atmosphere without melting,

Also, the medicinal arts greatly improved in the Scientific
Revolution. Prior to the Scientific Revolution, the
medicinal arts were fairly poor, most of Europe being 50
years behind Italy in terms of medicine, and Italy had by
1300 just reclaimed the knowledge of Galen, which was
already a millennia old. In the Scientific Revolution, the
profession became better organized, and began to flourish.
In the beginning of the Scientific Revolution, surgeons were
not considered to be physicians. Imagine if surgery was not
used today?at least there would not be as much over
population. Physicians decided that bloodletting was a
dangerous practice?but many still came for bloodletting as
it was a well-known panacea, or cure-all remedy.

Yet another major impact the Scientific Revolution has made
on our lives in the 21st century is in our schooling. In the
Science Tech program here at Roosevelt, one of the
graduation requirements is 6 science credits, one in
advanced sciences, and the 6 including Biology, Chemistry,
and Physics. Without the Scientific Revolution this would be
nearly impossible. Before the Scientific Revolution, the
science of biology existed, but just barely. The Scientific
Revolution brought the scientific method, which brought more
reliable scientific evidence. Before the scientific method,
biology consisted of many inaccurate ideas, such as
spontaneous generation. Chemistry was mostly the optimistic
wish that somehow lead could be made into gold.

In conclusion, many aspects of the Scientific Revolution
dramatically altered our lives. Without the Scientific
Revolution, life as we know it would probably not exist.
There were so many people in the Scientific Revolution,
however, that it would have been impossible to stop.
Everyone should take the time to realize how different life
would be without the Scientific Revolution.