Jamie H

Pretty Baby
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2003-02-17 18:50:55 (UTC)

Nothing Eventful Yet . . . .

Nothing eventful yet happened . . . Except tomorrow is 4
more months then I am outta school aka *Hell* . . . Then I
walk on that stage on the 19th. I hope my friends
come . . . I am going to invite tons of people then I am
probably going to go to some parties maybe . . . or
whatever. You know I noticed that after June I have
nothing on my calendar except my 19th B-day in November.
Oh yea and 4-H camp. Which Ry thinks I shouldn't go but
who cares . . . this is my last year I can go!!! So I am
going and going to have fun . . . I just need to find a job
really soon because I want my laptop and . . . my car . . .
and I need money for Ohlone. I am almost done with my
perfect guy list. I am kinda picky but it is because I
have seen what happened when people drink . . . smoke and
everything else. I only want the best for myself . . . and
my future children. I don't want my kids life to turn out
like mine . . . because my mother hasn't done anything for
me . . . and my father is gone and always will be . . .
That is why I am glad I am adopted by my little sister's
father. I believe my mother lives off my adopted father.
I am not going to be like that that is why I am going to go
to college and become a cop and have a successful life. I have
learned a lot by hearing songs by Shania Twain . . . and other good
artists. Like "Ka Ching" . . . My goals for the summer is sign up
for Ohlone . . . get a job and . . . find a very steady boyfriend.
Mainly a Job and Ohlone. I tried to have a steady boyfriend with
stupid Ry but he just said he couldn't do it . . . Sorry . . . I am
venting!!! Anyway . . . Ya . . . I will write in you later today in
this entry because maybe something will happen at 4-H meeting. I
hope to get my scarf that Angie is making me! :-) ~*Bye*~