what happened?
2001-09-26 01:27:40 (UTC)

The Evolution of Mankind

Alright, so I had something that strike my mind today while
I was watching a PBS show called "Evolution." I think I
came up with my own theory, but whatever it is it's not
religious. I think sometimes mankind has forgotten their
origin or the basis of the evolution theory. Of course,
Darwin has taught us a great deal and as we approach the
new century we are more educated of how species became the
way they are. But because we are more intelligent and can
think for ourselves or so it seemed, we've forgotten that
we are not the exception to the rule of evolution. We did
not just came to be, and we are what we are now just to the
simple fact of chance and adaptation. Imagine, because our
ancestor can only survive to adapt to the environment it
has lead to the modern human. What if there was no
adaptation, what if our ancestor couldn't adapt. We would
not be here. Perhaps I don't know how to use the correct
terms, but I think mankind think too highly of themselves.
We were chosen because of nature and environment. We were
shaped because of nature and not from ourselves.
HHmmmm..something to think about huh? But atleast I have
it in my head to think about. Words sometimes are not too
good to use....