Salem's Den Journal
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2003-02-17 18:50:45 (UTC)

A Poem (finalized) 11/29/2002


An aching mouth, a hungry child

begging to be fed

The mother needs to go

not caring what others may have said

She gives knives to the passioned

gives ice to the cold

Fire to the hot;

lets them all turn to gold

she inspires men to Fight for what is true

But none of it ever was anything but lies.

Gives knives to little children

Weapons to drunks

Tells the religious leaders

that their way was right

and all the other Heretics

must Die

And the child is fed

On every mortal soul

Because the trickster goddess

doesnt care at all

Her child is eternally hungry

Waiting to be fed

With a madwoman for a mother

Who doesnt care

what others

have said...

salem, that was BRILIANT! and i sound english now... see you
round, keep up the awesome work!