My *Daily* Nightmare...
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2003-02-17 18:13:13 (UTC)

Presidents Day Eh?

Well hey everyone.. its freakin not at home..... but
hey... i got to stay home today for presidents day!.. ok..i need to
clear this up. What the hell happens on presidents day?? all ive seen
is sales at auto-malls.. and sales at walmart.. But.. wait, Is like,
George W. walking around the white house in his underwear.. waiting
for everyone to come so they can have his party? Do people give the
president gifts, sayin "Oh.. happy Presidents Day Mr. President!!!"
Is it like his second birthday?.. or Does he even know its presidents
day.. (hey.. just askin.. Knowin good ol' George...) If any of you
happen to 'like' George W. Bush.. im just saying. Im From Texas.
and Im insulted.


So far shit has happend today.. i ate some pop tarts
*WOO* and now im in a peachy mood. :o). Except for my mom.
since this is the first entry ive used her.. she will hence
be known as Satan. Well, Satan is a freakin idiot. im
sorry.. she is. She gets mad, that my sister smoked pot.
*woo freakin hoo.. pot.. i can name 457 worse things..* and
kicked her out of the damn house. But then.. i walk in my
moms room last night.. when jen was over.. and she has a
fuckin joint layin RIGHT THERE. Arg. then she says
the "smell" is the 'oven cleaner'.. :/.. YEAHH. i think
its just her lil friend James..i hate him. i hope their not
dating. if they are he has to die. Ew.. very VERY Ew..
just. take my word on it. Ive tried to get Scott to kill
him a few times.. but huh.. it hasnt worked yet. But you
just wait.!

AH, Mardi Gras. I love that fablous holiday!! :o) i go
every year.. but this year.. my friend Jennifer is comin
with me.. and yeah. Its going to be Great. theres nothing
like gettin drunk, metting people, and havin shit thrown at
you that wont kill you on contact! Were going to my dads
on friday.. then stayin with him *bc my dad is the COOLEST
mofo in the world.. haha* and havin :someone: get us on
saturday.. *havent worked that out..* and we cant bring
jens car.. bc.. well.. i dont know.. just wont work that
way. So yeah. then were going to the Parade.. *WOO* and..
comin home either late saturday night, early sunday
morning, or.. late sunday afternoon.. just depends on where
we end up. They better not expect us to go to church..
that would BLOW. heh.. Mallori and Jennifer.. Drunk.. and
in a Baptist Church..

Next Subject.

Well.. im apparently having to go help satan at work
today.. haha.. yay. i can just walk to starbucks every 4
minutes like i usually do. As soon as i come back.. someone
REALIZES they wanted something also. Its a never ending
cycle. So yeah.. i better go.. I have to help clean this
apartment.. before satan trys get get into that good parent stage..
Bah.. i hate that.. Anyways.. Talk to you soon. audios!