Blood and Chocolate
2001-09-26 01:10:14 (UTC)


hey everyone !
Sup ? I am so geeked out ! Central just beat Northern so
bad ! OMG we kicked ass ! Well the Varsity soccer team
did ! They were awesome !!!!!! 4-0 central won !!!!! goals
by " 1- jeremy, 2-hunter , 1-chad " nice job guys ! YOU
were KICK ASS tonight !!!!!!!!! WOW I am so excited ! That
was such a good game ! My brother didn't score but he
kicked ass!!! haha ! I love my brothers and my sister ! They are the
coolest ! I got to talk to adam tonight also ! :) ! I am so happy !
Some kid is talking to me his name is dan! he is some high senior !
and when I say hi I mean " high ! " lol ! What a dork! He is like" I
am going to grab you in the hallways tomorrow and scare the shit out
of you ! " and I was like " then my brother will grab you in and kick
your fuckin ass ! " lol ! He is a fuckin dumb ass if he is even
thinking about grabbing me in the hallways! Cause my brother and all
his friends and I will kick his ass ! What a dumb shit ! lol
Dustin ! hah ! wow ! ok next topic! BED ! thats where I am
heading ! :)! Sleep time ! YES ! I can't wait ! That is like the
funnest thing to do ! is to sleep !! I have to go !
Love always

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