abby c

wow... that sucks
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2001-09-26 01:07:15 (UTC)


i'm on the phoen with rob... and hes feelin liek shit and
so am i ..... hes said he moving at christmas

katie lieks ed now i guess... alot and she lied to me when
i asked her yesterday if she did

i'm fuckin mad... suppoisvley ed lieks her too... ed prolly
lieks 4 girls... i think i heard he ddi once too

i'm so sick of shit like this

from now on i'm goona be dead all the time... unless i'm
REALLY happy... but no one ever really wnast to spend time
with me... no one cares if they say hi to me... no one
misses me when i'm not there

so i mien as well just walk around actign liek nothign is
bothering me... i want ppl to tlak to me, i wnat them to
care, all of that- of course.. but they wont and they dont

i'm not going to make ppl do anythign they dotn wnat to