My Life Story
2001-09-26 01:03:23 (UTC)

Bad Timing

Wow! It's really been awhile since I've written. I have a
lot to say, but I'm noto sure I can really write about it
all. Not yet, at least. I want to, and I need to, but I
need to get things all figured out first. I finally talked
to T today about homecoming. We've decided that we're just
gonna go out for pizza or something before the dance. I'm
really happy about that cause I'm not very fond of formal
restaurants. I think it will be a lot more fun this way.
I'm really excited about it! I had to sing at the boys
soccer game tonight. It didn't go quite as well as I had
hoped, but it was fine. Well, I guess that's about all
there is to say for now. Later.

~Daria :)