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2001-09-26 00:59:30 (UTC)


Hey, today wasnt such a bad day. I mean yea lunch was
weird with Ben and Kyle and Garett and them but Kyle didnt
say much he just sat there and read a book, he i think
tried to bring it up once but I told him I didnt want to
talk to him about it and he stoped. However he took Ben
aside.. Ben didnt want to go, Kyle asked him twice to talk
and Ben said there was nothing to talk about and ignored
Kyle.. but Kyle sliped in a few words. He was saying
something about me lying. I tried not to get upset because
I admited to everything yesterday and it was hard for me, I
dont even wanna know what he was saying i was lying about
because I know its not true and thats all that matters.
Uhh besides that!Today was cool, I had cheerleading, it
didnt go too bad. I saw Bruces new mustang and it is
cuuuttteee! Its a 2002 grey one, yea its def an upgrade
from his old Buick (or however u spell it) I mean, I think
it was cute how he didnt have a beautiful car.. i dont know
i like it when guys are humble about thoes types of things
and o well .. you know what i mean but its def. not like i
dont want him to have his new car. cuz like i said its so
cuuuttteeee! okay enough about the car ...
I have cheerleading for the next two days. I love
cheerleading and all but im so upset about not going to
competition. I mean we get to go to like one or something
because we have boundries. Pat said he would talk
to "rodney" our principal and see what he can do because
hes convinced he will get that rule lifted.
Ummm I dont know what else to say, today was a pretty
boring day. I met this kid at my school. He is what you
would call a hick but hes the nicest kid. His name is
mike ... umm i dont wanna say his name or anything but he
has the same name as a really famous basketball player..
his friends call him MJ if that gives u any clue.Well i got
to talkin to him today and he gave me a free 5 dollar gift
cirtificate to KFC i thought that was nice and it made me
happy, untill last period in gym when i lost the damn
thing.. that got me mad. I really wanted KFC. lol
You know whats weird? I dont like any guys at all right
now. Its so weird. I mean I havent felt the need to
infatuate myself with some kid who probably wont like me
because if i have learned from expirence, if a guy likes
you, its going to be very obvious. I mean except for thoes
few who are too shy to even say hi. Well when i even start
to like someone in the least, i will letcha know.
UGH MY MOM PISSES ME OFF, she just does. some things she
does gets under my skin and UGH i dont even know what to
say. She is just UGH...UGH!!!!
I know i have said i dont like it all the times when
people come to me with their personal problems... and i
know its like me getting in the middle of things but tonite
that kinda changed. My friend Kari came to practice crying
her eyes out. People rushed over to her to see what was
wrong. She got into a big fight with her parents and they
want to take her out of this school because they dont like
it and they hate her boyfriend.. they found out she skipped
and went balistic. Her dad hit her too. I think that is so
wrong. He hit her on the side of the head and she couldnt
hear out of her ear. I told her that shouldnt be happening
and she agreed. I just felt bad because everyone wanted to
talk to her when she was crying but as soon as she stoped
everyone left her.. i sat there and just talked with her. I
felt bad, I told her if she ever needed anything that she
can just call me because she thanked me for listening to
her problems. Honestly i didnt care. Its what I do. I only
get tired of it when people tell me stuff and turn it
against me .. EXAMPLE if PersonA tells me something about
PersonB and tells me not to say i know.. Then PersonB asks
me if i know anything and i say no to keep a seceret.. and
for some reason PersonA decides to tell PersonB that i was
told, PersonB gets mad at me for not saying anything and
things get screwed up and everyone fights and yadda yadda
yadda.. its happened to me before, so i know how this
works. Sorry if none of that made sense.. just read it a
couple times and u will catch on... BUT back to what i was
saying.. I told Keri everything was going to be alright and
she seemed better. Thats why I do it. Id like to think
people feel better when they talk to me and thats why they
do it so much. I doubt id ever turn away someone that needs
to talk, its just not me. It'd bother me to know they have
a problem and probably added to it.. naw thats not cool .
Well anyways i think i wrote enough to last me a week or
two. LoL ill probably think of something later .. and write


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