The land of unknown
2001-09-26 00:57:19 (UTC)


here is Hell and Cat Eyes. contraversial, but who cares.
enjoy. ^__^


Rivers of blood.
The smell of burning flesh.
And sulfer and brimstone.
Erupting volcanos.

Screams that echo
In the vast darkness.
I realize this is hell.
My life after death.

I must have been thought bad.
Then a light came.
I opened my eyes to some one.
My opperation was done.

I asked him, "I'm not dead?"
"No. You're much alive."
I heard from some one.
I said, "Damn. That was fun."

Cat Eyes

I close my eyes
and scar the skys
all I see is you

I wipe my tears
forget my fears
all I want is you

I live the day
and know your ways
all I see is you

I close my eyes
and scar the skys
all I see is you

we talk agian
and you my friend
are my sun

I dream of you
and it's true
you are my one

there ya go people. hi kitty. i love u! but u well know that
already. oh yea, i also wrote a song called War
Machine. lyrics, guitars and keyboards are written, but i
don't have all the keyboards done yet.

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