The land of unknown
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2001-09-26 00:52:55 (UTC)

I, Me, Mine

that's a name of a Godflesh song. they're a really cool
industrial metal band. i need more Godflesh cds
though. i only got 'Us And Them'. but i have a dozen
mp3s. it's just, there are so many cds i need to get. i
need more cash!! and there are more cds coming out
too. the Spineshank Digipack, Chimiara, new Machine
Head. lots of stuff. plus other cds i've been meaning to
get, like Static-X's new cd, old Machine Head. i still don't
have the 2001 ozzfest cd. oh yea, just for the hell of it, for
any readers that listen to any industrial, techno, or
hardcore electronic. check out Wumpscut. it's this dude
that does hardcore industrial. REAL cool. any one who
likes things like NIN might like him too. fans of stuff like
Static-X or Ministry might want to check him out too. just
spreading the word. let's see, today i turned in a project
for my creative writing class. we had a poster board and
we had to put poems from class or write new ones and
put them on there and decorate it with things that
represent us. CROSSBREED all over!!! got some Stitch,
Slipknot, Wumpscut, Cruxshadows, and Fear Factory.
my AIM screen name is SpineshankTool and i had put
together their logos so it said SpineshankTool. i had
writen 3 of the poems for it. i used my name poem for
the 4th one. there was 'War Machine', 'Cat Eyes', and
'Hell'. i really liked Cat Eyes. so did Kitty. it's a poem
about her. and so no one thought i usually write lovey
dovey stuff, Hell is about having a near death
experience and going to hell, but then return only to
want to go back cuz it was fun. and War Machine is
about the end of the world being by machines and it's
our own demise. we kill ourselves with our machines.
so yea, one 'love' poem and 2 disturbing ones. people
thought Hell was funny cuz of the end. but when i read
War Machine, i think i scared them. hehe. here's War
Machine. i'll post the others as well.

War Machine

we fear each other
and the arrival of the day
we fight amungst each other
now make way

force made by our own
metal gears and blood red eyes
kill like the cursed stone
like a movie where every one dies

god is the one pulling the strings
but this one is our own enemy
pain and suffering it brings
fear the machines

world war 3 is not our fight
no longer our own enemy
we must return all to right
and stabalize the serinity

next is HELL.................

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