My Life
2001-09-26 00:34:55 (UTC)

First Entry

Well, for my first entry I should tell yuo something about
me. I am a senior in high school and just turned 18. I do
not play any sport for my school, but I love sports. I work
at a small Jewish supermarket, but I am not Jewish. I am
actually Catholic. I like to party most weekends, but do
not always drink and smoke. I just like to be around
friends and chill. I guess thats it about me for now so I
will get into my day.
School sucked as always. I hate physics class and I was 5
minutes late and my teacher bitched at me. The traffic was
so bad it was not my fault. We had a sub in math and i got
to cheat on my quiz cause she was blind and deaf, so
hopefully I did fine. After school was a lot of fun. I went
over my friends house to play my ps2, he had to leave at 4,
but his sister who is 14 and a freshman was home so I
stayed and chilled with her for a while, we ended up
hooking up. I feel a little guilty, but i dont know if i
should, we both like each other, isnt that all the matters?
After i left her house when her mom came home, i went out
to play this huge watergun fight game called assassins. It
is so much fun, u have a partner and have to go out and
shoot ur opponents with ur water gun. It consumes our
school for a month, but is so much fun. We almost got our
targets, but they claim we just missed, i dunno sounds like
a lie to me. Right now i should be doing my work, but i
have kinda given up on homework for the time being. I do it
agian when the game is over. Ill write again soon. Please
give me input on this entry. Thanx. -Jon