The World In My Eyes
2001-09-26 00:34:49 (UTC)


Alright, see now, um there is this guy Jeff in my WH1 class
and hes such a hottie and the kooL thing is he likes me
too,........and another red head named Julie:(
But like,....I dont know, its really werid n confusin. First
hes freshman and I a sophmore(Ill write my list of
requirements a guy has to have a lil'later) and hes
white(youll understand once you read my list). And even
though all my frewns are like hes so sweet, cuz he calls me
Angel all the time, I dont know. I dont wanna be left hangin
out on the limb or anything, ya know? Hes a real sweetie
though....Ugh god! Ugh! Well I gatta bounce.Write later.