Chibi Kiara

Inside my head
2001-09-26 00:31:50 (UTC)


well Ben, You asked for my to think about it and i did I
started an online dairy. I guess it was out of pure bored
but hey! if my freinds ask me to think I try no matter how
many brain cells I lose! Okay let me spill my quick life
story. My name is Shannon Danille Brust. Don't ever call
me by my middle name unless you want me to hurt you! I am
Bi and not to happy to say it! I am a Wiccan meaning Witch
for you that don't know. I have a man but I am hunting for
a ladie friends to hang out with and maybe fool around
with. but like I said MAYBE! I am very werid in my
feelings! One second I could be all happy happy joy joy
then ya turn around and I am sad as hell! I live in
Lancaster Ohio if any one actully care!